Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Customer Disservice

I had a run in with an exterminator the other day. He told his boss that rather than standing me up for an appointment on three separate occasions, that he’d been out to my house to service it. The problem was, there is no way he could have performed the service because it was an inside issue and I was home waiting to let him into the house, but he never showed up. The manager insisted that I was wrong, that the technician had been out and completed service to the house and that somehow I’d missed him. Now unless I was having a psychotic break and missed letting a strange man with a canister of deadly pesticides inside my home, the technician wasn’t telling the truth and was trying to cover with his boss.

I fired Antimite because of the bad experience I had with them, found another company that my network of mom neighbors recommended – all I had to do was send out one email asking for names of exterminators and I got a dozen responses back within minutes – but I realized how much time and effort we waste out of our day dealing with the maintenance and upkeep of our homes and families. It’s time I would much rather spend with my hubby and kids.

I feel like a massive amount of time is sucked out of my life dealing with exterminators, carpenters, lawn guys, rug cleaners, auto mechanics, not to mention doctor’s, dentists, orthodontists and optometrists. Yes, time must be spent taking care of our bodies, our homes and our vehicles so that they all run safely and efficiently, but sometimes it makes me feel like the focus of my life is on the upkeep of it, rather than the living of it.

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