Thursday, January 7, 2010

The 3 Week Vacation

Last three days I had to take the girls to work with me. My husband had to take a day off to stay home with them and I'm off on Friday. Question: Who at Los Angeles Unified School District thought a 3 week winter break was a good idea when most parents only get one or maybe two weeks off during the same time period? I know there is probably a reason, but not a good one in my mind. At least not for homes where both mom and dad work. No nanny, no grandma to cover for you. Just you and the kids going into the office together. Not pretty.

Leaving this afternoon, a walked by two or three other parents with their kids in tow, sad faces on all of them. The parents looked wiped from stashing the kids in the office and hoping that their playing and laughter didn't interrupt or anger the supervisor next door. That's how I felt. I was stressed out and kept thinking that every time I was seen walking my kids to the potty when I needed to be at my computer finishing a project that I was going to be labeled "Mommytrack" or not serious enough about my work to merit the respect or pay or (in this economy) continued employment that I need and (in my mind) deserve. And I work at a great place. They are actually rather family friendly on some levels and my supervisor, who doesn't have children, is always gracious and flexible about my childcare related issues. And yet the fears linger. I know others have it worse with bosses who don't care or co-workers who are resentful of you bringing your kids in for a myriad of reasons and I feel for them.

Long day. My kids are bouncing off the walls from being pent up and frustrated that I couldn't pay attention to them even though we were in the same office space. I tried to explain, gave up, and hugged them instead.

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